Sunrise Trip - Borobudur Temple

What a precious and unforgettable holidays !


Two years ago,  I went to Borobudur Temple before Eid Celebration. It's intimately holidays for me because I went there with my fam.


Borobudur Temple is spectacular temple in Indonesia. It's the world's biggest Buddhist monument. Borobudur temple represents layer of Buddhist theory. First layer, the base level of Borobudur temple is Kamadhatu. Kamadhatu level consists of 160 reliefs depicting Karmawibhangga Sutra, the law of cause and effect. It illustrates human behaviour. Second layer is Rupadhatu,  contains galleries of carved stone reliefs, as well as a chain of niches containing statues of Buddha. Rupadhatu illustrates that humans are released from wordly matters. The last level is Arupadhatu, the abode of gods. 



From Solo, we traveled through 99,7 kilometers toward Borobudur. We departed from Solo at 12 pm and arrived in Magelang city at 3 pm. Then, we transited for a while in Magelang city for getting a lunch. A special menu’s "brongkos", Magelang traditional food (such as beef stew with herbs and spices).


Arrived in Borobudur Area, we looked for hotel and finally checked in Rumah Boedi Private Residence Villa. Located in Wanurejo village, Tingal Wetan, Borobudur surounded by local residents, most of them are living as farmers and craftsmen. Rumah Boedi Villa's such a homey hotel for me because its concepts with javanese rural atmosphere. How peaceful and homey hotel. It's recommended for you who plan getting stay and trip to Borobudur.


This afternoon, we enjoyed sharing time and tea time in Rumah Boedi Villa. That time's the most precious moment which I have ever enjoyed because while we can shared anything and enjoyed the surrounding nature. Afternoon became evening, we still enjoyed sharing time while enjoyed gamelan instrumen and the sound of water until midnight.


The next morning, we woke up at 3.30 am. From Romah Boedi Villa, we went to Borobudur Temple via Manahora Hotel. Before, we have booked tickets Borobudur sunrise trip from Manohara Hotel. For one ticket for domestic tourist we must pay 350.000 rupiahs. It's worthed ticket because we can enjoy private time to see the golden sunrise from the biggest Buddhist temple in the world.


Walked and walked, from the large yard of Manohara Hotel, we walked together to the top of Borobudur temple. Armed with a flashlight and accompanied by a tour guide, we walked together to the top of Temple. At 5 am o'clock, we reached the top level of Borobudur Temple. While waiting for the sun to show its light, we so enjoyed appearances orange horizon. How amazing scenery!


Soon, the sun rose. The sun showed the best light and beautiful view for ours. The atmosphere became more quiet when haze appeared to cover most of Merapi Mount. Then I decided to silent for a moment, giving thanks for this beautiful landscape and moment. We kept alive the moments with taking pictures together, then we go back to Manohara Hotel for having breakfast and enjoying tea time.






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