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There is a movement concerned in energy-saving campaign in Solo, namely Earth Hour Solo. Earth Hour is a charitable organisation based out of Singapore. The  mission is uniting people to protect the planet. We are an open source movement organised by World Wide Fund (WWF) and volunteer organisations worldwide. Now is the 5th year for some volunteers joined and formed Earth Hour Solo. They do energy-saving campaign with many communities, corporates and government collaboration.

I enjoy joining this movement until now. The reasons are : I am interested anything related to environmentally friendly; I can meet up many volunteers from various backgrounds, from high school students, college and workers; meet and discuss with friends in communities, corporates and stakeholders about environmentally friendly lifestyle. And the most important is this movement indirectly changing me more aware of greener habits. I joined in "Bancakan" (Belajar Aksi Nyata Cinta Lingkungan – Earth Hour Solo campaign program in schools and universities), we invite them for biking, reducing the consumption of plastics, using tumblr and two sides paper and turning off non-essential lights. What we have done changes me doing something to save energy automatically. I try to bring tumblr everywhere I go, turn off non-essential lights and electronic equipments, refuse plastic when shopping to supermarket and reduce tissue. Yes, I try. This movement plays an important role bringing positive energy to love and protect the planet more and more. Since that time, I decided to spread the positive energy to love the planet through my habits, everyday and anywhere. 

Earth Hour always holdsThe Lights Off Event every year. The Lights Off Event is held to celebrate our commitment to the planet with friends, family, community or at work : A simple event can be just turning off all non-essential lights from 8.30pm-9:30 pm.

I joined with the other volunteers to celebrate The Lights Off Event in Solo and I joined in candle team. Candle team is volunteers who prepare anything about production and preparation of candles when switch off moment. I was given assignment in production of candles. This is it, my chance to apply my knowledge that I have learned during study in bachelor degree.

So Earth Hour Solo wanted to use a eco-friendly candles that we chose waste cooking oil as raw material. Waste cooking oil’s more cheaper and potentially used again. I tried twisting my brain how to process waste cooking oil to be clean candles. Finally we decided to use purification method with activated carbon. We did this experiment without try and trial because the time was so close (H-2 before The Lights Off Event). At the first time, We were sad enough when knowing the results. Waste cooking oil that has been given activated carbon and filtered became greenish black colour. It’s not good. We’re very afraid of disappointment the other volunteers because we failed doing purification process of waste cooking oil. But the “good luck” on our side. The real fact indicate that the candles from processing waste cooking oil is more durable, cleaner and odorless than waste cooking oil without purification process. Finally... smileysmiley

The next The Lights Event, I evaluated the purification method of waste cooking oil. I started read more literatures about purification process of waste cooking oil. According to some literature reviews indicate that the effect of composition waste cooking oil: activated carbon and heating temperature influence the result of purification. Trial and error is done several times with the candle team of Earth Hour Solo. Finally, we found the best purification method of waste cooking oil. The best formula are composition of oil : activated carbon = 100 mL : 5 g with heating temperature 50° C for 30 minutes. After 24 hours, we filter waste cooking oil and see the result became clear and had been already used as candles.

Making 2000 candles in a short time is very tiring but this experience really valueable. It made me realize that sharing from what I can do makes me more be happy and my life so better day by day.




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